About Us

Voodoo Coffee began its life in 1997 under the name Wild Bean Coffee. The Wild Bean brand was sold to British Petroleum (BP) in 2004 to be used globally across their retail concessions in BP petrol stations.

We started roasting under the Voodoo Coffee & Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee brand from 2004. Sacred Grounds is now roasted and owned by Campos Coffee in Australia.

What we do NOW

At Voodoo Coffee, we: 

1. Roast Organic and High-Grade origin coffees procured from all the world's coffee growing regions.

2. Roast Origins to bring out their individual flavour spirit.

3. Blend Origins to capture the spirit of each origin to produce full flavoured coffee.

4. Use Origins and Blends to brew our unique Cold Brew coffee.

5. Develop Origins into rich, vibrant coffee concentrates and syrups. 

6. Blend our Cold Brew with unique and spirited flavours and essences. 

7. Infuse spirits (booze) with our Cold Brews and Concentrates to produce "Spiked Cold Brew" and Coffee-based Liqueurs.