I don’t have a grinder. Can you grind my beans for me?

  • We offer “espresso grind” which is suitable for espresso machines & stove tops
  • We also offer a “multi grind” which is for suitable for brewing methods such as plunger, drip, syphon & chemex

How do I get in touch?

  • Please use the contact us page or message 0416004511 for more immediate questions. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Im interested in being a wholesale account?

Is your Organic Certified?

  • We source our Organic green beans from certified Organic plantations only. All beans arrive at our roastery with guarantees that no pesticides / sprays have touch the beans.

How long does Cold Brew & Concentrate last?

  • To keep our cold brew fresh, we add a natural preservative and use aseptic pouches to ensure 60 days in Fridge.

What is your strongest blend?

  • We roast our Rising & Double Shot blends slightly longer & darker than our other blends. Giving them a richer and more bold taste profile

Green Bean Quality?

  • At Voodoo, the majority of our beans are high grade Arabica beans.
  • We do add a small amount of Robusta to our “fire blend” designed for people who prefer a more Italian style taste profile.



Do you ship Internationally?

  • Currently we only ship domestically for our coffee & cold brew. 
  • If you are in US check out our online store www.voodoospiritcoffee.com 

How Long will my order take?

  • It is our intention that all orders will arrive within 7 business days unless notified.
  • We aim to process and dispatch orders within 38 hours, however in some cases dispatch may occur 4-7 days from order depending when the beans or cold brew you ordered are roasted & brewed.

How much is shipping?

  • Shipping is automatically calculated at check out. Free Shipping is applied at check out for all orders over $40